Wee Book Inn

edmonton's premiere used bookshop since 1971

A fantastic used bookstore locally owned and operated with three locations in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for nearly 50 years.


How much are my books worth?

The best way to find our how much your books are worth is to bring them in to us for a quote anytime we're open.  If you accept the quote, we can complete the transaction on the spot.  If you don't like our offer, you can keep your books and shop around for a better price.  You can always come back for our original offer.

To determine your quote, we use sliding price scales based on the physical condition of the item, number of copies we already have in stock, and saleability.

Why do you refuse some books or movies?

Books usually go through three stages of publication beginning with the hardcover, then moving to the softcover and finally to the paperback.

The typical resale value of the book decreases for each sucessive stage;  additionally, as a book moves to each new stage, the previous stage becomes less valuable as well.

Certain paperback or DVD/Blu-ray titles are so popular that we simply have too many of them!  The list of these titles changes constantly as stock flows in and out of the company, but we do not purchase these titles while we have an excess of them.  

Items can also be refused based on condition that does not meet our standards.  This applies importantly to the sale of CDs, Blu-rays and DVDs, as scratched discs are not resellable.

Why can't you come to my home to view my books?

We currently do not provide house-call services.

When is the best time to bring my books in?

It is best to bring your books in to sell to us as soon as you're finished reading them so as to maximize their value, meaning more cash for you.

You may bring your books in to any of our locations during our regular operating hours. If we are unable to go through your items in a timely fashion, for any number of various reasons, you may choose to leave your items with us by signing a "drop-off form". We would then call you at a later date after we have had a chance to sort and appraise your items. 

How do you determine the price you offer me?

We use sliding price scales based on the physical condition of the item, number of copies we already have in stock, and saleability.

Why can't you buy from people under 18?

We are required by law that you be 18 years of age or older in order to sell to us.

Why do you require my ID?

We are required by Edmonton municipal bylaw #13138 sec. 40.2 - 40.9 to collect information from two pieces of valid government issued identification before purchasing any material.  Please have sufficient ID on your person before coming in to sell such material to us. 

By law, we require two items from list A, or one from A and one from B, or three from B.

List A

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • ID card issued by driver registration
  • Money Mart photo ID (with the thumb print on the back)
  • Native Status card with photo
  • Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC) with photo
  • Citizenship Card with photo

List B

  • Health Care card
  • Birth Certificate
  • FAC without photo
  • Native Status card without photo
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • High School ID 
  • University ID
  • Union card

Are you currently paying cash?

We occasionally find ourselves having to withhold cash payments for a variety of reasons.

We are always offering our excellently valued 2-for-1 trade exchange, or store credit on a gift card at a premium above what we would have paid you in cash.

If, before you visit us, you would like to know whether or not we are currently paying cash for items please call any of our locations and they will be happy to inform you. It should be well noted that we pay cash on a first-come, first-served basis, and that when we are paying cash we maintain daily limits as to how much can be paid out. This means that even if you are told by our staff that we are currently paying cash, we may reach our daily limit before you are able to make it in with your items. You are always welcome to leave said items with us by filling out a "drop-off form", and we would contact you at a later time after sorting and appraising your items. Once we have called you we do reserve cash to complete your transaction.