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  • Locally Owned and Operated for 43 Years
  • Four Convenient Locations Serving Edmonton and Area
  • Open Late
  • Wee Book Inn Pays Cash for Quality Second-hand Books, Movies, and Music.
  • Store credit offered at a premium rate, good at any location and never expires.
  • Free search service available where all locations actively seek the items you want and call you when available. Fill out our Request Form today!



Books: Alive! Episode 2

Once again we are very pleased to present another installment in the locally produced webseries "Books: Alive!". Cwazy Wiwlma and the rest of the team at 378Films have been hard at work since the release of Episode 1, and the wait is finally over. Please show your support by sharing the video or leaving comments on youtube or tumblr. 


Operating Hours

Once again we need to inform our customers of changes to our operating hours. Whyte Avenue will be unaffected (open 9 a.m. till midnight, 7 days a week), and Jasper Avenue will remain unaffected; however, we are reducing our hours on both Stony Plain Road and Alberta Avenue. Please follow the links to see each location's new hours of operation. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this will cause.


Pocketbook Policy Changes

In an effort to improve our efficiencies we have had to tweak our requirements concering pocketbook fiction. We are no longer able to accept, for purchase or trade, pocketbook fiction in the genres of Thriller, Romance, and General Fiction printed before the year 2004, and pocketbooks in the genre of Mystery printed before the year 1999. All of these books are now marked with a red tag on the cover and are currently available for purchase in our stores at a discount of 50% off; you may trade these books with us 1 for 1, but only for other red tagged books. 

We apologize for any inconvenience or frustartion this change may cause our customers.


The End of an Era

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our company's founder and President, Darwin Luxford. All Wee Book Inn locations will be closed Wednesday, February 19th, in honour of his life and achievements. He often remarked that he enjoyed meeting and getting to know the customers more than anything else about the business. His passion for life and generosity will be an inspiration to us all. We already miss you Darwin, may you rest in peace.


The Passing of Friends

It is with great sadness that we announce the recent passings away of both of our beloved Whyte Avenue cats, Yvan and Bunny.

They were distinguished ladies of venerable age, and both eventually succumbed to the sorts of maladies that advanced cat age brings with it. Losing the two of them in such a short space of time has come as something of a shock to staff and visitors alike.

Despite appearances, Bunny was only slightly younger than Yvan; at approximately sixteen and seventeen human years of age respectively, they were well into their eighties in cat terms.

The beautiful and much admired Bunny retired from the customer liaison spotlight early in her career and was more content to be adored at a distance by her fans, often teasing the clientele with her good looks and at least the promise of charm from behind the glass of the front counter. Not that she shirked her duties as an employee: her daily security patrols of the ground floor were as thorough as they were loud, until infirmity curtailed them.

The diminutive and quirky Yvan, who quietly managed the store's upper floor, always had time for her devoted legion of followers and would purr happily, gratefully and immediately in exchange for a caress and a gentle word, of which she received a steady supply. We thank all of those people who were so kind to her in her twilight years. We know that many of you stopped by as a regular part of your routine, just for her.

They will be fondly remembered and very sorely missed.