Wee Book Inn

edmonton's premiere used bookshop since 1971

A fantastic used bookstore locally owned and operated with three locations in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for nearly 50 years.


The trade value of your books is typically much higher than the cash value.

How does Trading work?

2-for-1 trading is available for mass-market pocketbooks and select audio/visual items. We trade 2 of yours for 1 of ours, type-for-type. We reserve the right to decline the trade if your items do not meet our standards of acceptance regarding physical condition, or if we currently have too many copies of the item in our company-wide inventory. 

Do you have an example?

You can trade any mass-market pocketbooks, CDs, DVDs, or Blu-Ray Discs. 

Restrictions apply to pocketbooks limiting trades within categories and similar price-points (e.g. science fiction for science fiction), and to audio/visual materials limiting trades within formats and price-points (e.g. $3.95 CDs for other $3.95 CDs).

For trades outside of these restrictions we will credit the value of your item(s) according to our store-credit guidelines towards the item(s) you are purchasing.

Why do you refuse some new books in Trade?

Excess Copies

Certain titles are so popular that we simply have too many of them! The list of these titles changes constantly as stock flows in and out of the company. This list is referred to as the "Do Not Buy" list. Our policy is to not purchase, or allow for trade-in, titles while they are on this list.

If we can not accept your books because they are on the list during your visit, you may wish to bring them back to try again the next time you are in incase they are no longer on the list.

Physical Condition

We reserve the right to refuse books on trade-in if they do not meet our standards of acceptance for physical condition. A universal rule is that the spine must not be broken, all the pages must be intact, the book must be free from water and steam damage/warping, and the cover must not exhibit undue wear.

Are there any other exceptions?

We do not accept trades for items that have been transferred from another location or items that have been found through our request system.

We will honour our store credit value for acceptable items you bring in towards the purchase of your request(s) or transfer(s).